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Skeptical Odysseys
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Skeptical Odysseys 
'Face' on Mars
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Nov/Dec 2000
Skeptical Inquirer
Tampa Bay Skeptics
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Executive Director
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in response to this 8/8/08
Tampa Bay Times (formerly
St. Pete. Times) article.


Encyc. of Pseudoscience
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SKEPTIC Encyclopedia
of Pseudoscience
Psychic Sleuths
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Psychic Sleuths 


This website, as well as that of the Tampa Bay Skeptics, was started largely to help satisfy the media's demand for skeptical sources of information on paranormal and fringe-science topics. I certainly mean no offense to anyone or their beliefs.

I actually grew up believing in all sorts of paranormal phenomena, especially UFOs. It wasn't until I was in my 20s that I was introduced to the concept of "critical thinking" and began to realize that perhaps I had been misled in my youth. The story of this process of discovery is the subject of my chapter in Skeptical Odysseys.

My mind remains open to the unlikely possibility that paranormal phenomena are real after all. All I seek are the actual facts, which, as I have learned, can often be disillusioning. But I have found that the thrill of discovering the genuine wonders of the universe, as revealed by science, more than compensates.

I realize that most people hold supernatural beliefs of their own and may not be interested in opening their minds, as I did, to the possibility that they also may have been misled. And that's fine. But please consider reading Daniel Loxton's elegant multimedia essay about what he terms the "beauty . . . to be seen in skepticismís noble tradition of necessary service."


   Noreen Renier    
    My interview with    
    UFO skeptic    
   Philip J. Klass    
    My metamorphosis    
    from "believer"    
   to "skeptic"    
    Why I resigned from    
    Skeptical Inquirer    
    Medicine and    
   Alternative Med    
    commentary on    
   Climate Alarmism    
    "Face on Mars"    
   Richard Hoagland    

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