Cash-Landrum UFO illustration
by Kathy Schuessler

My chapter on the legendary 1980 Cash-Landrum "UFO-Radiation" case begins on page 166 of The Reliability of UFO Witness Testimony, a cross-disciplinary compendium of skeptical papers by 60 authors from 14 countries (UPIAR, Turin, Italy, 2023).

See here for Curt Collins' blog post announcing the book's availability and highlighting my chapter (his blog is devoted largely to this case). Note that the book can be read online or downloaded free of charge (as a pdf) or purchased (in b&w or color).

My book chapter (alone) is also posted here, and my original Cash-Landrum web page documenting my 1980s research -- which caught the attention of the book's primary editor, leading to his request that I contribute a chapter on this case -- can be found here.

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