Skeptical Items on
"Psychic Detective"
Noreen Renier

(also see my articles on
"psychic detective" John Monti
and "psychic mediums"
James Van Praagh
and George Anderson)


Noreen Renier, who lived in Florida for many years
before moving out of state in 2004, returned in 2013.


The following items on Renier are by Gary P. Posner:

More items on Noreen Renier in Tampa Bay Skeptics Report

Tampa Bay Skeptics Executive Council "Position Statement" on Renier

Renier's local free weekly newspaper's November 2006 cover story about her book, its first follow-up article, and its April 2007 article about Renier's court loss to Merrell over the book

View the 1998 attack upon me by a character named Peter Duffie -- This venomous and irrational attack was originally posted on Duffie's "Psyzone" web pages, which are no longer posted but which can still be seen here (archived, with some funky punctuation characters and missing the graphics). When Duffie's site was abandoned in late 2000 or early 2001, these pages were moved to Renier's site, first here (on her old site -- again, these are old/archived pages absent the graphics), and later here on her newer site (from which these pages were removed in June 2006, I suspect at the recommendation of her attorney, though as you can see they are still available, archived and sans graphics). Before deciding to host Duffie's attack, Renier had insisted to me that "Mr. Duffie is not an associate of mine, nor do I have an association with his site," although that obviously changed somewhere along the way.

Hear three threatening messages left on my telephone answering machine (not that I am alleging Renier was in any way involved . . . )

Read my 2/28/13 letter to Renier (unanswered) with my idea for a public confessional "if in your heart of hearts you know better" re: her claims of genuine psychic abilities

More on "Psychic Detectives" from The Skeptic's Dictionary

Read about "psychic detective" John Monti

Read about "psychic mediums" James Van Praagh, John Edward and George Anderson

This "Global Net Research" website appeared in March 2015, two months after John Merrell took down his anti-Renier site. It is run by what it calls "a fresh management team including global researchers and investigators . . . including those in our homelands outside the United States." Merrell tells me that though the site is not his, he does support it and any information attributed to him is with his approval.

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