See my article, "'Psychic Detective' Noreen Renier: The Grinch Who Stole Christmas from a Grieving Family" (about the Kimberly McAndrew missing-person case), which appears in the July/August 2017 issue of Skeptical Inquirer magazine (also posted here on the mgazine's website). Tim Bousquet's Halifax Examiner article mentioned therein can be found here. (My other articles about Noreen Renier can be found here.)

Click here for an enlargement of the article's map to better see the various landmarks.

Click the following links to play or download the audio files that accompany the article:

Session/Tape 1 - Side 1
(Runs 46:45)
Session/Tape 1 - Side 2
(Runs 09:21)
Session/Tape 2
(Runs 27:36)
Session/Tape 3 - Side 1
(Runs 39:49)
Session/Tape 3 - Side 2
(Runs 06:26)

The following 1-1/2 minutes of "bonus" audio was actually recorded by Renier at the very beginning of Tape 3 – Side 1. I have cut it from that file and created this separate one because the audio is followed by about six minutes of silence in the room until her telephone rings to begin the third session with the police. The audio begins and ends in mid-sentence (I have not deleted any of it). Renier seems to be talking to herself as she "psychically" prepares for that police session, which may indicate that she truly believes in her “psychic” abilities, be they genuine or imaginary. This information was submitted in an optional "box" to accompany my article, but ultimately did not make it to publication in the magazine.

Prior to Session 3
(Runs 01:30)