I first met Robert Sheaffer in 1977.
Two years later, James Oberg flew
into Washington, DC, I picked him
up at the airport, and the three of
us got together here at Sheaffer's

A few months earlier, Oberg had
won an international essay
competition on UFOs co-spon-
sored by New Scientist maga-
zine and Britain's Cutty Sark
whiskey company. The pro-UFO
community was incensed that his
winning entry, "The Failure of the
'Science' of Ufology
," was, as its
name indicates, an indictment
of the field.

Left to right:
Sheaffer, Oberg and Posner
attempting to avert an evil "Fate"
at Sheaffer's home (1979)

Oberg with winning £1,000 (British) check

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