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November 2020 (see page 19)
(on remembering James Randi)
[Also posted here]

June 2019 (see page 20)
(on the "unwoke" differences
between the sexes)
[Pertinent page also posted here]

May 2019 (see page 20)
(on climate-apocalypse claims,
followed by a reader's
tongue-in-cheek "complaint"
about my April column)
[Also posted here]

April 2019 (see page 14)
(on "WalkAway" from the left)
[Also posted here]

March 2019 (see page 14)
(on blackface and, more generally,
cancel culture)
[Pertinent page also posted here]

November 2018 (see page 19)
(on the Senate's sick Kavanaugh spectacle)
[Also posted here]

June 2018 (see page 19)
(on Art Bell's lies about me
on his national radio show)
[Also posted here]

And my rejected July 2019 essay
on the abortion controversy