A "Fan" (Not!) Letter

From: Christopher _____ [mailto:chris@__________.com]
Sent: Thursday, March 18, 2004 1:31 AM
To: garypos@aol.com
Subject: Tampa Bay Skeptics

I was just watching a documentary where you were introduced as the "founder" of the Tampa Bay Skeptics, and then interviewed.

My first thought was, "who would found such an organization." My second thought was, "anyone who founds such a close-minded and negative organization must be a complete asshole to be around."

Instead of trying to disprove things people try to do in a helpful way....why not pitch in and help.

Thanks for listening.


My reply:



Thanks so much for your kind note, which is so typical of "open-minded" believers. Some clarification about "open-mindedness" vs. negative "close-mindedness" can be found in this little column I wrote some years ago: http://www.gpposner.com/Open_Mind.html.

And you might even find interesting the story of how I became such a complete asshole: http://www.gpposner.com/metamorphosis.html.

Thanks for listening with such an "open" mind.

--Gary Posner

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