ANNOUNCEMENT: I have been invited to write a chapter on this case for a book critically examining the reliability of UFO witnesses, scheduled for publication in early 2023 both online (in the portal) and in printed form (by UPIAR, Milan, Italy). Per the book's principal editor, more than 50 contributors from across the globe will be addressing the issue of UFO-witness reliability from a variety of disciplines such as "psychology, psychiatry, social sciences, mathematics, philosophy, anthropology, folklore, religion, clinical workers, analysts with experience in the study and handling of UFO perceivers [and more]." I will update this announcement as the publication date approaches.


The 1980 Cash-Landrum
UFO-Radiation Case

Illustration by Kathy Schuessler

An innocent little sticker at the top of this letter from Philip J. Klass
began my countless-hour inquiry into the famous 1980
Cash-Landrum UFO-Radiation Case.

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