Don Addis cartoon
Judge Dismisses Paula Jones Lawsuit

When the Monica Lewinsky sex scandal broke, I called St. Petersburg Times  cartoonist Don Addis (who was also a charter member of the Tampa Bay Skeptics and graciously created the cartoons for the TBS newsletter, of which I am editor, until his death in 2009) with an idea for an editorial cartoon to run the morning after President Clinton's forced resignation:  Have a very dignified image of the White House, with the flag at half mast signifying the solemnity of the "loss" of a President. But replace Old Glory with a pair of trousers, legs flapping in the breeze with the fly prominently unzipped.

Rather than awaiting Clinton's unlikely resignation, Don decided instead to use the idea on 4/3/98 when the Paula Jones lawsuit was initially dismissed -- in this case, raising  the "flag" back up from  half mast. (Of course, Clinton nevertheless wound up paying Jones $800,000.)

As a credit, Don included a small "GP" (arrow). He also gave me the original artwork (containing a handwritten "Thank You") which is the version you are now viewing.

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